How to properly maintain and use outdoor camping tents

Outdoor camping, tents are our temporary homes, and we must take care of our homes. Besides, the current good tents are expensive, often hundreds of thousands. Since you choose to buy them, you must cherish them. Today we talk about the maintenance skills of outdoor camping tents.

    Tent maintenance is divided into daily maintenance and maintenance during use. Let's talk about maintenance during use first.

    The maintenance during use of the tent is the maintenance of the tent during use. There are still many things to pay attention to. First of all, when setting up the tent, the choice of the camp is very particular. The first is the choice of the camp. Try to choose a place with flat, dry and fast drainage. , The camp should be cleaned up before camping, and the hard objects in the camp, such as stones, branches, dead branches, debris, etc., should be cleaned up. If conditions permit, it is recommended to lay a floor mat at the bottom of the tent, and then put the tent on the floor.

    Do not bring shoes directly into the tent during the camping process, because shoes will bring a lot of debris into the tent, especially shoes with hard soles, which can bring branches, stones, gravel, etc. into the tent. These debris will not only damage the tent, It can also damage the sleeping bag and affect the sleeping experience.

    Then, don't cook inside the tent or at close range, because most tents are not fireproof, so as not to ignite the tent.

    After camping, the tent should be stored in time. Remember to empty the sundries inside the tent before storage, especially some small objects are easily left in the tent, especially small blades, nail clippers, scissors, etc., they will be in the tent. Scratch the tent by surprise.

    After camping and returning home, you should also open the tent and clean the tent.

    First clean the ground nails and tent poles, mainly to clean the sediment on them, and then air dry them naturally. After that, open the tent inside and outside the tent, and clean up the sand and weeds mixed in the tent. If you do not have the habit of using floor mats when camping, when cleaning the inner tent, you should focus on cleaning the sand and dust at the bottom of the inner tent. If there is mud, you should wipe it with a soft cloth. After the tent is cleaned, it should be placed in a ventilated place to dry naturally.

    For the cleaning process of the tent, you can refer to the following: first choose a clean and tidy place, then spread the floor mat, open the tent, open the inner tent first, check the integrity of the inner tent, and clean up the sundries on the inner tent and bugs, then put on the outer tent, and use a fine-bristle brush to clean the sundries on the outer tent. If your tent is of the type of building the outer tent first, you can set up the inner tent and the outer tent first, and then clean them together. Remember, the cleaned tent should be placed in a ventilated place to dry naturally and not exposed to the sun.

Tent storage

    When most of us store tents, we directly fold the tents into bags, just like the packaging given by the manufacturer when we bought them back. In fact, I personally also use this storage method. The advantage of this is to save space, but it is not The best way, because tents are generally waterproof, and waterproof stickers are attached to the seams. If you squeeze and fold for a long time, the waterproof stickers may be deformed or even fall off, thus affecting the waterproof performance of the tent.

    My personal suggestion is that if conditions permit, the tent can be propped up for storage. If the space at home is limited, then the inner and outer tents can also be hung on hangers for collection, or they can be stored in cardboard boxes. Remember, when the carton is stored, the tent is No other heavy objects should be placed on it. When the tent is not in use for a long time, we should regularly open the tent to dry for half a day to prevent mildew, and remember not to expose it to the sun.

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